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1 Aug 01, 2006 06:29    

The 0.9.x of b2evo does not support the metaweblog API. Is there any way of backporting the metaweblog stuff from 1.8beta to 0.9.x

The above sounds strange and possibly stupid, but I have a few reasons. First of all 1.8 has its bugs, for eg, it cannot display archives by year, try Secondly I found the Filemanager in 1.8 something more or less "reinventing the whel". This is due to the fact that a simple implementation of tinyfck(combines tinyMCE and a file/image manager) would give WYSIWYG functionality as well as the filemanager that b2evo required. Version 1.8beta does not yet suport timezone offsets of 0.5 hrs, only 1.9dev does. I dont want to wait for 1.9!!! The new core functionality and plugin stuff does not make a diff to me, what I need is good content features; I havnt seen any weblog engine supporting the multipage posts etc.

So is there any way of getting metaweblog working in 0.9.2?

2 Aug 01, 2006 17:21

You could try replacing/merging the /xmlsrv/xmlrpc.php file from 1.8/1.9 to your installation.

It may work, to just replace it, but I'm not sure.

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