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1 Mar 09, 2004 22:51    

2 Mar 10, 2004 06:57

Very cute layout, I should say. You did a great job. :) Every new entry is generated into html manualy? Nice.

3 Mar 10, 2004 15:17

Thanks for the comments!

The articles themselves are generated from a (DocBook) XML file, using the docbook-xsl packages, and I write the articles using the WYSIWYG Altova Authentic editor.

4 Mar 12, 2004 07:12

Veery interesting. So you have DocBook along with b2evo?
P.S. And thanx for the tip about XML editor. :)

5 Mar 12, 2004 20:46

I usually write long articles that I'd maybe like to publish in different formats as well at some point (pdf for example), and it usually takes days to complete them, a HTMLAREA would not be enough :-)
So I use b2evo for the small posts, and to announce the long articles with the title and the article abstract, and I use the simple docbook + make + xslt tooling for publishing the long articles.
I'm trying to automate as much as possible, but right now there's a lot of manual uploading and configuring and stuff.
Eventually the Make script I use to build the article html docs will be able to upload the new articles, and using the XMLRPC API, announce the new article using b2evo.

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