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1 Feb 11, 2004 23:05    

if you have some free time . . .

Please post here if you notice anything wrong or odd about the layout, i'm still finding all the little quirks that need fixing.


2 Feb 11, 2004 23:13

I just wanted to say that I started out a few years ago with nucleus, then greymatter, then moveable type, and finally found my way to b2evolution. I haven't been using it for long yet, but so far it's definitely the easiest to use and customize. Great job and keep it up!

3 Feb 12, 2004 06:41

Looks cute. :) But there're some thing that nedds to be revised:

JavaScript function b2open - triple include. See your source code. What for?
Adjust class="SearchField". Make it realitive width, eg. 60%, because it overlaps with the main contecnt box.
The same aplies to Gallery image box.


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