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Started by on Aug 20, 2006 – Contents updated: Aug 20, 2006

Aug 20, 2006 15:41    


In b2evo 1.8.1 an e-mail message notifying you of a new comment looks like this:

Weblog: Name ( link )
Post: post title ( post link )
Author: Peter (peddecke)
Comment: link to comment
Blablabla this is a comment<br />
<br />
Completely with <br /> tags...

Edit/Modify: Admin link to the comment

Edit your subscriptions/notifications: subs link

Wouldn't it be nice to see the spam karma and/or the status of the comment? Now I don't see if the comment is awaiting moderation or not. It would also be more readable if the <br />'s are ommited. Maybe a few links like "approve comment", "delete comment" or "block url (antispam page)" would be nice to approve the comment with only one click.

Thanks a lot!

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