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1 Aug 22, 2006 15:20    

I'm currently getting a few mates to translate the gallery project into their own language.

But some languages use special characters. E.g. French, Mandarin, Cantonese, etc.

Could there be problems when displaying the translations for these languages? Should i get the translators to write using english characters?

The gallery project uses it's own translation functions, as it is independent from b2evo (the plugin is more of a hook between the two).

So yeh, are there any problems that i could run into?

3 Aug 22, 2006 18:36

But there also problems with saving files, and using that method does not do every single character.

Like when i try to save a file in mandarin, it gives a encoding error, i save it as unicode, it displays incorrectly, i save it as utf8 nothing displays on the page, but it displays fine in firefox's view source.

So yeh...

4 Aug 22, 2006 21:06

Uhm, I tryed to write a post with unicode with not success. I think that b2evo don't support unicode char but I'm not sure :/

5 Aug 23, 2006 04:03

I think that b2evo don't support unicode char but I'm not sure :/

I'm asking this here (in the chat away forum) because this has nothing to do with b2evo.

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