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1 Aug 23, 2006 15:56    

Since the searches I did turned out nothing for the question I have, here goes.

I edited the _advanced.php

I edited the cookies portion but I did not touched the "From" part of the code where it is using the "alternative" method (the one that states it will remove .com and so on).

Now, after that, I noticed, my from field for new trackbacks and stuff became "mynewcookiename@mydomain.tld"

What I want to happen, without forcing the portion in the said php file to use a specific from field is to have the from field show as "myrealblogcontactemail@mydomain.tld"

I haven't changed it again, I don't want to change my cookie setting again as well you know.. will reset everything for my readers and users.

Do I really have to force the from field and comment the "alternative" method?

While we're at this file, in other apps, I can use a space or a dash or underscore for my cookiename, it's alright for b2e as well right?

Thanks alot :D

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