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1 Aug 24, 2006 14:41    

How about this, when anyone tries to post a comment on my site that contains the word "mortgage" or "mortgages", they get a 'supplied comment invalid' error. Anyone have any clue why??

Running 0.9.2 (hoping to upgrade to 1.8 soon)

2 Aug 24, 2006 14:57

Also - can anyone direct me to a post that talks about all of the features of 1.8? I can't seem to find such a thing anywhere.

3 Aug 24, 2006 15:16

First: check your local antispam table for the keyword "mortgage". It is not part of the central antispam keyword list though there are quite a few keywords that contain that string. Not the problem though because "mortgage-" will not block a comment with "mortgage" in it.

Second: in the download package you will have a folder called doc. In it you will see a file called changes.html which contains a running history of changes from previous versions. Oddly enough the changes for 0.9.2 are not in that file. Hm!

4 Aug 24, 2006 16:03

EdB. You're a genius, or I'm retarded or maybe both.

Thanks for the tips.

5 Feb 19, 2008 13:09

I have the same problem. I´ve unistalled all antispam plugins but the error persists, avoiding some comments to be sent.

any other tip?

6 Feb 19, 2008 16:15

It's not a plugin - the antispam blacklist is a core feature.

7 Feb 19, 2008 21:28

In your Antispam settings (or Tools>Antispam in 2.x) you will find a list of spammy words with green ticks next to them. You can search through them if you use the filter at the top, or just browse them. When you find a word or phrase that is in your problem post/comment then click the green trick and the word will be taken off the list. Then you can make the post. Sounds simple? Maybe, but there are hundreds of words, so this can take a while!

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