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1 Aug 23, 2006 21:51    

Hey all,

Im new to b2evolution, and have being running my personal blog, for a couple of weeks now. However. I have a massive spam infection. Im like spam target central or something.

Is there a way to stop non-registered members from post comments? Also is there a way to mass delete comments and trackbacks? Because I have tons of spam that the spamfilter is just not stopping


Now I cant go through each of those, and add it to the banned list, i have lots of posts, and it would just take to long.

Please could you offer any suggestions on how to sort this out.... please....

2 Aug 23, 2006 22:33

Try to update to the last version 1.8-RC1

3 Aug 24, 2006 00:05

What's a bluefish? That's what is says is the generator of your blog.

In the second link you provided "furniture10" is the source of a bunch of your spam and has been banned for quite some time, so make sure you have the complete antispam list. Also you can ban stuff with .domain.tld instead of using subdomain.domain.tld - a neat trick to get rid of lots of stuff all at once.

AFAIK nothing gets through the basic antispam filter once the keyword is in your local copy. Unless bluefish is some sort of cheap knockoff of b2evolution? Dunno is why I bring it up.

[url=]Read this post[/url] for more antispam info.

5 Aug 24, 2006 12:57

slamp wrote:

[url=]bluefish[/url] is an html editor (available under linux)

Thanks for the info! That rules out bluefish as being somehow part of the issue eh? So we're back to the same thing: use the antispam system to it's fullest and block the things that spam lots of us, and report the major portion of subdomain.domain type spammers.

Oh and know that the antispam system won't clear out spam that's already in your hit log or comments. That can be done by banning the appropriate term - even if it's a keyword you just got from central.

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