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1 Aug 28, 2006 02:12    

Maybe I'm missing something, but if I upload to the wrong folder I'd like to be able to move the file instead of deleting and re-uploading.

2 Aug 28, 2006 08:45

Admin > files, one of the file actions (couple of white blobs with an orange(ish) arrow on it) is the "move file" action. When you click it you get taken to a second screen with the file at the top and your directory structure underneath. Click on the destination directory. The next screen shows the file you want to move (and the diretory structure beneath it) and it should have switched to the destination directory. Hit the button beneath your filename called "move" and (on the next screen), it'll have moved.

If only all of life was that intuitive huh?:roll:


3 Aug 28, 2006 15:59

Thank you! I owe you a nice friendly drink, and since I know you're so far away it'll get warm before you get here I'll even drink it for you :) Um... can I change my request to have a couple of white blogs with an orange triangle affect the checked files like the icons under the list of checked files will do?

The truth is that after uploading 90 files I realized I could create folders inside my blog-specific folder, so didn't even look at file-specific actions. I looked underneath for "do it to all these files". So for my particular situation doing them one by one would drive me to drink. More.

4 Aug 28, 2006 18:00

Ahh well, it's the thought that counts huh? :p

Try this, change the setting for your media dir to one level higher and then you can move the whole of the folder in the same way. Then just rename the newly moved folder to the name you really want and change the media folder setting back ...... ish ;)


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