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How to map folder from host/dir to

Started by on Mar 28, 2004 – Contents updated: Mar 28, 2004

Mar 28, 2004 14:55    

Hi, everybody

I post this question here since it is related to b2evo software. I have my primary host (file path /www/gricius) and a few subdomains and as a subdirectories (path /www/gricius/marius and /www/gricius/linas). How could I configure b2evo, so the default instalation will use the /www/gricius, and "marius" with "linas" subdirectories as subdomain blogs, respectively reachable via and, not or I'm at the stage that I can reach "mariu's" blog via and But all permalinks, archives and the rest of links points to the because the default url is

Any solutions how to "hack" the $base url to map defined subfolders as subdomains?


Mar 28, 2004 17:21

According to Fancois, this will cause the cookies to go mental, for some reason...

I asked this a while ago, you see...

Apr 01, 2004 15:35

Hi again,

I think this problem could be solved using "cookie prefix" option, which specifies the options in path "cookie prefix" is set to. I dunno is it right place to use it here...

May 04, 2004 19:35

oh found this in the search...

now i know why my subdomain which is pointed by an addon domain wont stay in url address but url/blogs/blogname.php always showing up! :'(

May 06, 2004 01:51

wait! mg, how did u manage to keep your subdomain url working all the time? mine one always changes into the direct url. anyone have any idea?

edit: i think i have to change baseurl info in conf/_advanced.php... but not sure of what to do right now.



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