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Thread last updated on Oct 27, 2006 at 22:23

1 Oct 27, 2006 22:23    

There's still some stuff I'm unhappy with, but so what: is powered by (you guessed it) b2evolution! This is a rebuild of an existing web, so it was sort of hard to envision how each bit was going to be blog-driven, but I think I'm there.

Taking advantage of the 'custom css per blog' feature, it's got one skin. Mostly just a different background image for each page, but in one case I also made the main section wider.

I also cracked skins/my_skin/_main.php so I could have a different _main.php for each blog. Basically where the posts loop and sidebar go I call up _mainN.php where N is the blog number. That let me flex the content on each page a lot more than a regular skin allows. I also did a similar thing with _linkblog.php to let me get more flexibility out of linkblogs. Something tells me I tweaked categories somewhere, but I could be wrong. Maybe just linkblog?

I have a hacks.php file for the function that makes the officers page show up. That let me keep everything in one skin and facilitate changing officers and other listed officials. It pulls the info from the person's profile, so all I do is change the number in a little _officers.php file in the skin. Yahoo IM became my phone number field.

I alphabetized the blog list, but since "Photos" is really something like "forum/album.php" it ended up not being alphabetical. Something about the way _bloglist.php gets all that stuff together, but I didn't research it after seeing the funny bug in my little hack. Oh well eh? Back to the hacking board, with "in the skin" as the unbreakable rule.

The 'pilots' blog is begging for the PhotoZoom thing, so I'll start re-researching that bit again. Used to be that each thumbnail in the stories linked to a page with the full size image on it, and I'm pretty sure I have the full images, so - to me - PZing the thumbs is a smooth way to bring the full images back.

The 'videos' blog is empty right now. I like my host a lot for many different reasons, but to host 2 gigs of videos will cost a fortune. I'm halfway thinking of youtubing them all, but I also want to offer a download link for the mpg files so I still need all the space.

The bullets on the sidebar don't line up properly in IE. I forget what skin I started with, but I'm going to have to take a peek at how nescafe does the image-bullet thing and migrate that code.

So anyway feedback will be appreciated :D

2 Oct 27, 2006 22:47

Thats a lot of cool hacking...

I think the top left Menu/Blog List could be styled to be a bit more "Menu'ish". I thought it was a description at first glance. :)

3 Nov 08, 2006 00:42

I've been thinking about this and it's a tough thing to do. I mean, making it more obvious isn't the hardship. Keeping it looking like the old site and making it more obvious is the problem. Maybe a background color change for the blog you're on would make it not look like a regular sentence?

Hey thanks for the feedback!

4 Nov 08, 2006 15:04

What about seperating the blogs in the bloglist with "|" or something similar?


5 Nov 09, 2006 00:39

I tried ' • ' for a while but something about how far across the page it stretched made me undo it. Obviously a vertical line is less width than a bullet, so perhaps that's the place to go. That and a bit of color-changing for the blog you're on would take away the appearance of a regular sentence.

And maybe shrinking the list... The photos thing is just a phpbb add-on that everyone wanted more linkage to, so I pulled linkage from the forum and threw it up in the blog list.

Oh yeah the length of the blog list string and the width of the image behind the blog name on the right is what makes the blog list string get squirrely from time to time. Like now probably for example.

6 Nov 11, 2006 18:57

Looks cool man. I have always wanted to go hangliding but it looks to dangerous! I guess I will just stick to the Harley.

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