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1 Nov 07, 2006 13:49    

How to make a site like
Please Help.

2 Nov 07, 2006 23:38

If they are hosting their own videos, then i doubt you would be able to achieve the required bandwidth required in order to have your own video hosting site.

Alternatively, you could use the youtube, avatars, star-rating plugins in alliance and you would have most of the functionality that site has.

3 Nov 14, 2006 18:16

n00b4g3, i sense.

Does he realize you can't just choose a site and have it flick up for you?

I suggest if you have a credit card you find a host with a domain included, cPanel and Fantastico. Then use fantastico to set up somesort of content manager and then you can use those youtube scripts to have the players on your site.

4 Nov 14, 2006 19:50

Offtopic; Geeze i must be newb, i can't even decipher n00b4g3 ;)

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