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1 Nov 08, 2006 15:56    

My best friend over the past few days has been it's a service that gives your site a ranking based on various things, and figured might as well give a go, and it failed the w3c validation and did bad on a few other design things. Which is a pitty because if these get fixed it would get a really good rating and ranking due to it's popularity.

2 Nov 09, 2006 00:34

Man that site sucks. I'm going to be spending way too much time there :)

Such simple xhtml errors to fix too. Why are they not correct on a blog tool that claims valid xhtml?

3 Nov 09, 2006 13:35

what page did you test balupton, out of curiousity?

5 Nov 09, 2006 13:53

so to answer my question, you tested

thank you, thats all I wanted :)

(ive no control over it so its useless for me to read whats broke)

I stopped worrying about the forums so much since phpBB is inheritantly broke, and the nature of posts is that they will inevitably break again what might have been fixed previously.

Personally, I have to agree with you in that AT THE VERY least, the main part of the site needs to be valid (that part of it which is actually running b2evolution). Which its not. :roll:

6 Nov 09, 2006 15:56

The main validation issue is the HOSTING links and the AUNTIES TREASURES link
Fix the URL's ampersands and it's virtually sweet for transitional.

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