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1 Nov 09, 2006 17:04    

I don't know what has happened, but suddenly, I can only upload the following file types. jpg, gif and png

I'm a new user, and I'm just setting up my first blog.

The other day, I successfully uploaded a MS Word Doc, and went to do the same thing again today, and now I can't.

Under App Settings -> File Types
I have all of the file types unlocked for upload except htm, html, php, php3, php4, php5 and php6. This is how it came up by default.

Like I said I successfully uploaded a .doc file from the Write tab the other day, but now for some reason the file manager will only except jpg, gif and png.

I don't have a clue what may have changed to cause this.

Anyone out there have any ideas.

My apologies if I posted to the wrong forum, but I could not find a better forum for posting issues with the program itself.

2 Nov 09, 2006 21:25

Have you upgraded to 1.8.5?
I've fixed a bug that used a hardcoded (global) php variable for validation, not the file extensions.

Updating b2evo should fix it, though I don't know why it has worked before.

3 Nov 09, 2006 21:27

Which version are you using currently, btw?

(And why do people always never state that by themself?)

4 Nov 09, 2006 21:45

I am using version 1.8.2, installed from Fantastico. When I first installed it was a much lower version, and then it asked if I wanted to upgrade to the 1.8.2, which I did. This was just a few days ago, so I thought I was using the latest version.

Do I have to do anything special to upgrade to the 1.8.5 version since I installed using Fantastico? Should I just contact my hosting company and tell them to do it?

Thanks for the quick response, and I will be more mindful of posting the version number in future posts.


5 Nov 09, 2006 21:52

1.8.5 got released yesterday, I don't know when it will appear in Fantastico or how Fantastico works at all.

6 Nov 09, 2006 21:57

Timing is everything! Thanks I will just contact my hosting company and have them make the upgrade with Fantastico.

By the way, I love the software. It is very well done!

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