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URL check to hard with this kind of URL

Started by on Nov 14, 2006 – Contents updated: Nov 14, 2006

Nov 14, 2006 16:48    

I want to make a post for my linkblog. So I create the title and put then the URL below. But I get the error "This URL is not validate" (I hope, this translation is correct ;) ).

This is the URL

Anybody knows how I can link my post to this?


hier mal eine deutsche Fassung, da ich nciht weiß, ob ich alles korrekt übersetzt habe. Antwort dann bitte trotzdem in englisch.
Ich wollte einen neuen Eintrag für mein Linkblog verfassen und habe entsprechend ein Post erstellt und wollte den Titel direkt mit dem Link verknüpfen. Jedoch bekomme ich nur eine Fehlermeldung, wenn ich das speichern möchte: "Angegebene URL ist ungültig. (URL nicht erlaubt)" steht dann da bloß.

Weiß jemand, wie ich die URL dennoch benutzen kann? Ich nehm mal an, die Prüfung ist zu hart. Hier die URL:


I'm using version 1.8.5

Nov 14, 2006 22:25

Probably something in your "Antispam blacklist"?

I've just tried it on the demo site, after updating the antispam blacklist, but it still worked. The URL scheme should be OK.

Nov 14, 2006 23:41

you're right my friend ;) Some words on this antispam list were the reason. Now it works.

May be there should be a "whitelist" with all domains I want link to because the antispam list will grow more and more. And will it not overwritten by the next update if I allowed some of the domains in the antispam list?

I see, it will not overwritten. May be this was in older versions -- I'm not sure. But a whitelist would be a good idea too, isn't it?


Nov 15, 2006 00:40

Yes, the blacklist needs some love definitely.. e.g. it should allow to purge existing entries during/after an update for example etc.

And at first, it should not restrict the admin when posting links IMHO.

Unfortunately the blacklist is tight quite deeply into b2evo, and nobody seems to care enough to unplug it and make a plugin out of it.

A whitelist would be good, too - of course.

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