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1 Nov 11, 2006 19:16    

I have a few legal websites that have forms for potential clients to submit their cases to me. I am getting killed by spammers.

I would like to add a custom form to my websites that uses Captua Codes for submitting the form.

I am no programmer. Does anyone know where I can obtain a program that would let me create forms that are emailed to me, and that can generate Captua codes before submission.


2 Nov 11, 2006 20:16

I don't know about installing a visual captcha, but if you can get some help with the code a 'text captcha' is an easy thing to add. Heck even adding a visual captcha will require some programming skills, Basically it'd go like this:

On your form you add a new text field with a message "What color is red?". Obviously the visitor is expected to type 'red' as the reply. You make the question be whatever you want. Who was in the White House when Clinton was President. Five comes after what number (4 letters). Are you a spambot?

So now when the form is submitted you check that field first. If the answer is not exactly what you want then you can either just ignore everything or provide a page telling the visitor they missed an important field.

Anyway for someone familiar with coding a form page in general adding this detail shouldn't be a problem. Eventually you might get some spam, but so what: you simply change the question and answer and you're good to go again.

3 Nov 11, 2006 21:01

I guess I need to find a form coder. There are some scripts on the web for doing this but they want too much mula. I will look around.

4 Nov 12, 2006 00:46

Expanding onto EdBs suggestion, have a array that contains a bunch of questions and their answers

 $q_and_a = array( array('Are you spamming me?', 'no'), array('Whats the number after 4','5') );

And in your form have something like this

<input type="hidden" name="question_num" value="<?php echo $the_index_of_the_question_we_chose; ?>" />

And for $the_index_of_the_question_we_chose just use php's random function to pick a index.

You should understand all that, if not, bout time you start to ;)

Edit & Offtopic: Geeze a awful big post for one that only contains 2 lines of code...

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