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Moblog Plugin

Started by on Nov 21, 2006 – Contents updated: Nov 21, 2006

Nov 21, 2006 11:12    

Hello B2evo´s,

I am still loooking for a moblog plugin for b2evo. I think it is a standard plugin for all blog-scripts. wordpress has already this plugin without using FLICKR! maybe the "brains" of b2evo could think about such a plugin?

here is an example for a wordpress-moblog plugin

kind regards

Nov 27, 2006 10:17

Hello Joachim

ther are some notes about moblog in this forum
Just a year ago i installed and moded my moblog for B2evo blog
Used it to blog on my travel in Indochina from my mobile
with a lokal SIM card.(cheap) just GPRS is needed .

I modivid it a bit becaue I want to Blog more then just Text.
so i could send Text , Voice , Pictures and Video (3gp) to my Blog with comments. The only problem i had was it renders only for the Firefox
corectly .
Iam not a coder so ther was a mismatch and i dont found any help her or some where else .

If i could be off assistance just drope a line or skype. viennacameraman
The Parser was from Prefisaurus

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