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1 Oct 18, 2019 20:22    


I have b2evolution working correctly and updated with the stable version. Now I have decided to install and configure the twitter plugin. I think I have done the most difficult thing, that Twiiter approves me correctly the creation of an app as a developer, once I have obtained my API key and Secret API I configure them correctly in the full section of twitter, priority 50, but, the following message appears " Twitter account status:
The connection is not available! "This is why I try to find out where I have to identify my twitter account in order to use this plugin? I can't load the verification link from my twitter account. I also have all the php code loaded in The plugins directory, when trying to load the URLs of the php files, always tells me the same thing, "do not access this page directly." I imagine you have to edit the code of some of the php files of the plugin. Thank you very much for your help .

2 Oct 27, 2019 23:44


The following frequent issues seem to apply to your support request: (This is a semi-automated response):

  • You blatantly ignored the Support Guidelines
  • You did not provide a screenshot (as requested for support)
  • You did not provide the exact version of b2evolution you are using (as requested for support)
  • You did not provide the Name / URL of your webhost (as requested for support + we want to catalog common hosts vs commons issues)

3 Nov 01, 2019 20:22

Sorry, I was clear, but I have to state the details of the error for resolution by the support. I enclose everything, to see if I can know what I am missing. Thank you very much, in advance.


Instance name
versión b2evolution
6.11.3-stable creado en 20.08.2019

The connection is not available, when my two api provided by the twitter developer team is correctly approved and generated. Also inserted correctly in the global section of b2evolution.
I enclose some images of where I am trying to configure everything. Thank you.

I'm realizing, now that I take captures, late, if the solution can come, because I have the generic ping plugin disabled, which is what doesn't work for me. Let's see if it comes around, the fact that the Twitter plugins can't work?

4 Nov 02, 2019 14:02

the following message appears " Twitter account status:
The connection is not available! "

Screenshot please. I don't understand where this message appears.

5 Nov 02, 2019 16:42

I go into the configuration of the blog in particular, and in the plugin options I have configured and activated everything that is asking me. Api of service for twitter developers, creating the app and the question maybe, that is, I don't know how to authenticate my twitter account to be able to publish each public post using b2evolution. Let's see, if I can know, what I'm not doing. Identify my user in some way that I don't know from b2evolution. Thank you.

6 Nov 02, 2019 21:45

ok, your screenshots show no problem and when I ask for one that shows the problem you don't give me one. I give up.

Please see the support guidelines for details.

7 Apr 12, 2020 21:51

In the end, and after many translations and google searches, it turns out that it is not a problem of b2evolution and even less of the plugin, which in recent years, has had several updates and internal code change in its different configuration files, to try that the post you publish on any blog created with b2evolution be sent to your twitter account successfully.


Is a functional plugin provided to connect to the twitter service by the developers of b2evolution?

Thank you very much for your reply.

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