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1 Nov 19, 2019 17:59    

I'm surprised really now since sunday - the twitter plugin is working now.

I have changed nohing at my configuration. There was no update on b2evo and no update at my hoster - and now it seems to work suddenly! That's great and a little crazy. And I have found 2 bugs:

  1. I have created a post for the future and changed its date far into the future - Twitter will get the notification on the first created date.
    Example: 3 weeks ago I created a post for today but I changed the date 2 weeks ago to tomorrow - twitter will get the notification today. And the link on twitter will not work yet, because it is for tomorrow ..

Better it would be twitter gets the notification tomorrow.

  1. The plugin created tweets with more than 280 chars. That is bad and gives back an error message like "The tweet chould a little bit shorter". That is bad. I guess, there will be no counting on the URL into it It would be great, if the counting would work correct. And it would be great, if I could give the max of chars for the tweet in the settings of the plugin ...

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