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1 Aug 17, 2015 23:53    

I'm using b2evolution 5.1.2 and c’ant activate this plugin. When a fill the user and password to link to my twitter account and click to "Authorize app" always get: “Bad Request! The parameters of your request are invalid.
If you have obtained this error by clicking on a link INSIDE of this site, please report the bad link to the administrator.
Go back to home page".
Can anybody help me, please?

2 Aug 18, 2015 21:48

@lus as I said you in the plugin's page comment, this issue has already been solved, so the best advice I can give you is to upgrade your site to the most recent version (6.6.2 right now). You will see it's worth each one of the five minutes the upgrade takes (if no weird issues appear during the process ;) ).

There is also a workaround that might help you to solve this right now, while you take the decision to upgrade your site. Please check this comment:

4 Aug 19, 2015 01:19

@lus the auto upgrade is a pretty straight forward process for simple sites (no idea how complex is your site). However, I suggest you to read this manual page to know all the details.

In addition to that, even when one of the steps of the auto upgrade process is to generate a backup, it's a good idea to be familiarized with terms and other things explained in this other page before to proceed with the upgrade.

Please let us know how it goes.


5 Aug 19, 2015 21:10

Ok Thank's.
I'll give it a try.

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