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1 Sep 04, 2013 06:14    

I am am new to b2evolution and like what I see. I went through and linked my twitter account, which went flawlessly. However on the main blog page on the side bar it lists twitter but constantly has a moving circle which states loading tweets, but nothing ever happens. (stays blank)

- Version 5.0.5
- Skin Mystique theme

How can I get these to show up?

2 Sep 04, 2013 19:46

I am not sure what feature you are talking about with twitter in your sidebar. Can you provide an URL?

4 Sep 05, 2013 01:30

OK, that's not a b2evolution feature but a feature of the mystique skin. You'll have to ask @sam2kb about it ;)

5 Sep 05, 2013 23:02

There's a chance that twitter changed their API. The skin was released over 3 years ago :)

7 Oct 24, 2013 17:10


First I would like to praise and say I love the b2evolution. Use for 5 years. :D

I have this same problem with the Skin Mystique.
In the sidebar of my blog, version 5.0.5-stable released on 02/Aug/2013, have the box "My latest tweets" but just stays loading and do not carry the tweets.

You told me to look the part of Twitter. I looked.
Now I need help to know in which file I need to modify this API.

I love the Skin Mystique and I don't intend to change.

Thanking you in advance!

8 Oct 24, 2013 19:59

Twitter has discontinued its unauthenticated v1.0 API, so this widget has stopped working as of 2013-06-11.

Twitter wants your only option for on-page widgets to be their own Embedded Timelines, but there are workarounds which involve installing server-side code to support this widget.

Here is the work around:

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