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1 Jan 15, 2014 18:26    

I have a lot of older b2evo installations from 1.8 to 4.x and want to create new blogs with content. I.e. I want to create a new blog on 5.x from blog number 5 of an older 3.3 version. How would I extract that particular database information and transfer to a new blog? Sorry for the newbie question.

2 Jan 15, 2014 19:52

Hi @faxxaff,

The only way I can suggest right now is by making an identical copy of your current site and upgrading that copy to v5.0.6. Then delete the other blogs, keeping just the one that you need.

It is not elegant, but it will work.


3 Jan 15, 2014 19:54

Sounds elegant to me. I will just need to figure out how cPanel can be convinced to duplicate an account. Thanks for your kind input.

4 Jan 15, 2014 20:03

Well, to make the upgrade you don't need to convince cPanel, just create a new database (which have to be identical to the one used be your v3.3 site) and install the files of b2evo in a new folder i.e.: http://mydomain/copy_to_upgrade (the most of the time that folder should be a subfolder of public_html. Then change the value of $baseurl in the file /blogs/conf/_basic_conf.php, in order to make this new site run properly in your browser and make it able to follow the instructions about upgrading.

Now, having two sites (v3.3 and v5), with different domains I assume, and using the same hosting acount, is a whole different subject. You should ask your hositng provider if your account will support that.

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