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1 Apr 19, 2021 07:18    

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When I view an individual post on more than one of my websites, I get this error message.

I have no idea how to fix it so I haven't tried.

And it just keeps going around and around in circles: It doesn't go away.

2 Apr 19, 2021 08:25


@drherz wrote earlier:

When I view an individual post on more than one of my websites,

Yes on the feedback form? I have a similar on my search page output. I think it's a AJAX/jquery issue I'm trying to disable.

UPDATE: I have finally found what I was looking for but I already have AJAX disabled so it must be something else :( for me

But if you have not already disabled AJAX try that via :- Collection > Settings > Advanced > Caching n: Uncheck Enable AJAX forms

You may like to try a different skin temporarily as i don't have it on the feedback form on my custom skin.

NOTE: I've just been to your website and note Sharleen's page doesn't come up.

3 Sep 07, 2021 15:11

@drherz wrote earlier:

I've been using b2evo for a long time, but it's when I end up wasting hours on things like this that I really question whether it's worth my time.

I spend a lot of time on software issues here and there, mostly in support of others. It's my time and a choice, sometimes seemingly tiresome and ineffective but I have never thought I am wasting my time, though like @fplanque it can be come overburdensome.

So as interesting as your issue is I'm unlikely to address it soon.

If it's too much work for you to find a solution via searches etc. even on other sites/forums etc. then yes maybe you will be happier using other software :(

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