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1 Jul 01, 2022 18:44    


I limited "Search" (in features) only for posts (no comments, no files …)

But this caused the following error:

Notice: Undefined variable: search_input_type in …/inc/widgets/widgets/_coll_search_form.widget.php on line 391

If I activate also comments for search, everthing works well.
So may be it is quite a little bug, but because I am no coder, no developer I don't know how to fix this.

Would be great if someone can help me
Thanks in advance, will

2 Jul 04, 2022 17:23

Sadly I don't have a 6.11.* running currently and v7.2.4 seems fine

3 Jul 15, 2022 21:56

I got it. In case you reduce Search topics to posts this bug occurs. If one adds comments to the list, everything is fine.

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