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1 Nov 11, 2018 17:35    


calling the photo index I get an error message: Unknown column 'post_order' in 'order clause'(Errno=1054)
You can reproduce it by linking to:

I don't know since when this problem exist. It worked fine in 6.10.2.
But I could not reproduce this in demo version on your website

How can I fix it?

Regards, Will

2 Nov 11, 2018 20:18

We'll check this asap.

3 Nov 11, 2018 21:23

@fplanque thx.

What I found out is, that this error only occurs in collections set up with subdomains.
Collections of the same Instance not using subdomains like work.
I don't know whether these observations are helpful and not misleading.

I checked. Tables in DB are perfect. The check by maintenance shows no errors.

Regards, Will

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