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1 Nov 21, 2020 18:33    

Before b2evo 7.2.2 upgrade, Horizon Blog Skin had this path to JPG:

Horizon blog skin fails to display background-image after b2evo 7.2.2 upgrade
Original relative background-image path in Horizon blog skin fails after b2evo 7.2.2 upgrade

After b2evo 7.2.2 upgrade, Horizon Blog Skin needed this path (which I found by inductive reasoning, going backwards gradually) to JPG:

Horizon blog skin needs fqp after b2evo 7.2.2 upgrade
fully qualified path to show background-image

Note, it has to be a fully qualified path, as above, it can not be a relative path as before the upgrade to b2evo 7.2.2

Additional note: although I have resolved the the path issue, it may indicate that some of the issues, i.e., , introduced beginning with 7.x.y may be due to b2evo developers getting confused with paths.

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