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1 Mar 10, 2021 09:13    


After I have deleted years old meta comments I recognized first, that for logged in users the sidebar (of any skin, incl. bootstrap_blog_skin) has disappeared. Secondly I realized that also the meta comment formula has disappeared, partly, because the workflow part remained. Thirdly there is - although activated - no subscription link for the single post - it disappeared, too.
I 've deleted all caches and orphans, checked the DB by maintenance tools. Nope. In all collections,where I have cleaned up meta comments the same problem. When creating a new collection, this problem does not occur.
Before upgrading to 7.2.3 I want a well functioning version of 6.11.7 - because I am afraid, that while the upgrade process the bug may cause further and perhaps more severe problems.
Is there a way to get rid of deleted meta comments (like in case of deleted comments)? Might it be, that manual cleaning in DB is necessary? Is there a fix for this bug.

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2 Mar 10, 2021 09:15

See screenshot (legend incl.)

3 Mar 14, 2021 18:17

It seems, that the problem is caused by the upgrade process from 6.11.5 to 6.11.7

The souce code of the page shows, that there has been some coding towards < feedback> and obviously some bugs have to be fixed. @fplanque commented, that the dev support here in this forum stopped, especially for older versions than 7.2.3. The community support - with exception of @amoun - does not actually exist.
6.11.7 is the last stable version in 6x
To install 7x requirements are needed that are not feasible for everyone. So they are left back with a buggy last version of 6x. This is not really convincing.

So I hope, that there is hope. Hope dies last

The screeshot shows, that there is no drag & drop field in the buggy version. May be that this symptom correlates to workflow, meta comments and the bug of missing sidebar within a single page view for logged in users.

4 Mar 15, 2021 01:34

When activating "Threaded Comments" in collection > features > comments in 6.11.7 for all logged in users sidebars in single post view disappears.

So the BUG relates to "Threaded Comments". One step further.
It would be great to get a fix.

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