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1 Apr 04, 2014 03:43    

I have just attempted an upgrade to 5.08 after our 3.x site got cracked. But now the theming is totally destroyed, with heaps of 404 errors.

We have/had the following:
/ web_root and blog_all for -- contains all b2evo files from /blogs of distribution package
/blog1/ ( -- contains an index.php, URLS set to Absolute URL
/blog2/ ( -- contains an index.php, URLS set to Absolute URL

The old skins were customised with new names, lived inside the /skins folder, and have an index.main.php, which refers to as a reference for documentation.

I am thinking that the index.main.php needs to be fixed for the new method of theming?

The 404 errors are along the lines of "Cannot find". Obviously skins is not an actual subfolder of /blog1/, but of it's root, so there must have been some sort of path rewriting previously that is now gone?

I have tried to understand the documentation, but cannot see where it relates to this path issue.

2 Apr 05, 2014 07:13

Hi @combatwombat,

Please, read this page: There you will find information about the format of the index.main.php file.

Regarding the mutliple domains, please read this page: and tell us if it fits your current configuration. Is there any particular reason that forces you to create subfolders (i-e: /blog1/)? Also, are you using stub files inside those folders ( They should properly manage the path to other files (i-e: rounders.css).


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