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1 Nov 21, 2012 15:00    

Does anyone offer an upgrade service for blogs?

2 Nov 21, 2012 15:01

Does anyone offer an upgrade service for blogs, i'm nervous of doing it myself as i'm concerned that i will be out of my depth and wreck my blog altogether?

4 Nov 21, 2012 21:19

Hi Alex, thanks for replying. What you charge to upgrade my blog from 3.3.3 to the most up to date version?



6 Oct 31, 2013 22:01


<<My spanish is not so good>>
You don't need to. I speak english, dutch and spanish, while my german is rusty but passable.
My french, on the other hand... :D

7 Dec 16, 2013 22:57

you do offer updates? Do you have references besides your one blog? Ein weiterer Austausch auf Deutsch wäre mir natürlich sehr lieb, wenn das allerdings zu umständlich ist, so übe ich gerne weiterhin mein english.

How would you charge your work? In Euro? Per hour? Or a fixum from my 2.4.6 to 5.0.6?

8 Feb 03, 2014 20:04

My blog is at 4.1.3, so I am in real need of an upgrade. Is there an online guide that will step me through the process? I'm guessing it's not as straight-forward as installing 5.x.x on top of the older version.


10 Feb 04, 2014 21:51

Thank you. No TV or surfing tonight.

11 Feb 20, 2014 08:08

I can't find any way to automatically upgrade like WP has, am I seeing correctly that one has to download and then take that file and upload the new version and delete old files and stuff?


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