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1 Dec 31, 2018 16:56    

A bit of a !!! query.
I have an ancient resellers account with who have no intention of providing such a service again so I have legacy support and will not get php updates etc.

So, unless and until I move hosts, I would like to know how long the developers of b2evolution will support the 6* version and will any new updates to version 6 there still be able to work on php 5.4.41?

b2evo is way over the top on features that I use so I could stick to version 6 except for any security issues :: then I don't have many users, it's more a personal expression.

2 Jan 01, 2019 21:14

PHP 5.4 is not supported by the PHP developers themselves anymore; It hasn't been supported for more than a year. We supported it for longer than reasonable already. Supporting old versions of PHP considerably slows down the development and maintenance processes. We don't have the luxury of "too much developer time on our hands".

3 Jan 01, 2019 22:24

Not quite what I meant. I gather there's no php support. I just wondered if you are still doing versions 6.* for a while and if that will still be OK with 5.4 !o!

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