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1 Feb 28, 2019 11:53    

Whereas I can understand having custom options readily available I find the widget screen a bit overwhelming and have struggled to find what I am looking for. Is there any guide in the docs?

I suppose it is self explanatory but after the simplicity of the widgets option in v6 it will take some getting used to. Is there an option to revert the view in v7 to that of v6?

2 Mar 01, 2019 00:11

No there is no such option.
But most of the time you will use the front end to edit widgets, not the backend.

3 Mar 03, 2019 03:29

Well on a good note, it's "mostly" in the same order as the front end is, as opposed to footer being up top. I actually found it a little easier because of that.

4 Apr 07, 2019 13:37

This is all different in v7.

In v6 you have to scroll down to "Front Page Main Area" which shows your widgets.

The container that has no widgets is the "Footer" container and that's not the one you're interested in here.

5 Apr 07, 2019 16:24

Nice, this frontend option to show/hide includes/widgets/containers is fantastic. I'm also very happy with the skin customization options, the 'dev' menu is helpful, it's being easier than I thought It would be. Having a basic knowledge of php we can just copy a few files, comment some lines and see magic happens.

I'm looking forward to use this engine in my new projects and hopefully have something valuable to showcase, I would surely recommend it for other bloggers too, you guys are doing a really good job here, congrats \o/

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