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Using the b2e API with custom fields?

Started by on Jul 05, 2017 – Contents updated: Jul 14, 2017

Jul 05, 2017 23:22    

I've been reading an article on using WP as an API source to build a React front end onto -

I'm wondering whether it would be possible to re-create the exercise with b2e. The part I'm unsure about is whether it should be possible to build something along the lines of the 'custom post types' described. Could anyone offer any thoughts on whether this could be done in b2e?

Jul 14, 2017 02:58

Hi Chris,

I'ma bit overwhelmed and can't read the article right now but I definitely feel that it should be something that b2evo should be able to do (and by "should" I mean: if it can't, we'll make it work).

Now, are you saying our REST API doesn't expose the custom field the way it should?


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