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V 6.4.3: Quick Upload doesn't works

Started by on Jun 14, 2015 – Contents updated: Jun 17, 2015

Jun 14, 2015 00:08    

I used the quick upload, but it doesn't works correct.

I work like this:
1. I logged in into the blog on the front end.
2. I click onto "Edit" under the post.
3. Under the post in the backend, I click onto "Link existend files" ("Existierende Dateien verlinken" in german).
4. I chose the PDF - 28 kb - on my desktop.
5. I click to upload it.
6. I got this error message:
Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/dirname-of-the-server/blogs/htsrv/quick_upload.php on line 245

The file name is only 20150613-jazzclub-sommerfest.pdf - no special chars in it.
The system here: Kubuntu 14.04, newest Firefox.
In the PDF there is only text, nothing more.

15 Jun 2015 08:57

Hi @ednong,

I can't reproduce this issue. Can you please send some screenshots to see details about your site? For example: the folder in which you're trying to upload the file.

Maybe you could press key F12 in the upload screen and look into the source code for the word "root_and_path" (see screenshot above). That info is associated with the notice that you're getting.

BTW, despite the notice message, did you get the file uploaded or not?

16 Jun 2015 02:02

@mgsolipa wrote earlier:

BTW, despite the notice message, did you get the file uploaded or not?

Ah, yes, I forgot: I got it up via the menu "Files Upload resp. Advanced Upload". No Problem with this.

I have had this problem with the "easy upload" more than one time. Every time this kind of error message.

I will look next time for the "root_and_path" - but where is the screenshot you describe? ;) Invisible?

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