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V 6.4.3: Smiley bug in smiley bar

Started by on Jun 10, 2015 – Contents updated: Jun 25, 2015

Jun 10, 2015 18:14    

if I want to insert the animated smiley in gray with the big eyes 88| and I click onto it's button I get a wrong code: 88\

So the render will not work for this smiley. I have tried this first only in messages and now in new "normal" posts to - there is the same error code, if I click onto the button there.

So I guess it is only a small bug in a list or so ...

10 Jun 2015 18:16

This is the smiley I want to have 88| and this is what I get: 88\

10 Jun 2015 22:05

Edit the settings of your plugin.

11 Jun 2015 08:13

@ednong there are also a couple of smilies more that fail. Basically all of them in which the vertical bar ( | ) is included.

We already found the issue and sent a fix. It's just waiting for peer validation in order to be included in the next release.

Thanks for reporting.

25 Jun 2015 06:04

Important: this bug has been fixed in version 6.5.0.

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