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1 Apr 28, 2018 21:18    

Not limited to this version, has been around for years


  1. Value Error : visibility Too many values or values are not recognized : visible\000000 /
    Code below next point.
    • too few values for the property width

      a.rollover_sprite:hover span.icon{visibility:hidden;visibility:visible\0/}@media screen and (min-width:0\0){a.rollover_sprite:hover span.icon{visibility:visible}}
    • Value Error auto is not a background-color value
      div.evo_highlight,li.evo_highlight,tr.evo_highlight td{animation:evo_highlight 5s ease-out}@keyframes evo_highlight{from{background-color:#F60}to{background-color:auto}}
    • unrecognized media \000000screen \0screen{#styled_contentblock span[class*=status] span,.evo_contentblock span[class*=status] span{top:-15px;left:-2px}}
      div.results span[class*=status_] span{text-align:center;padding:3px 0;font-size:11px;font-weight:700;border:1px solid #FFF;border-radius:12px;float:left;width:80px}@media \0screen{#styled_content_block span[class*=status_] span,.evo_content_block span[class*=status_] span{top:-15px;left:-2px}}

My solution for the first two was to comment out the offending script
Solution to point three was to change auto to #06F
Point four removed\0 before screen

2 Jun 01, 2018 01:40

We'll see what is part of our code but if it's validation errors in external libraries, we don't fix them because it prevents from easily updating the external library later.

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