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1 Jun 19, 2018 13:05    

Hi Francois the CSS validation brings up the same issues as v6.9.7


We'll see what is part of our code but if it's validation errors in external libraries, we don't fix them because it prevents from easily updating the external library later.

As the code is in the [/rsc/build/b2evo_base.bmin.css] file, can it be still be an external libraries issue?
Is the file somehow built automatically from external sources?

W3C CSS Errors v6.10.1

2 Jun 26, 2018 00:49

You can see everything that is included in that files by looking at Gruntfile.js

Many things that don't validate are there to handle compatibility with older browsers. As long as some older browsers have >1% market share, we consider that it's more important to support those browsers than to validate the CSS (because the CSS still works in all newer browsers).

We'll check this particular case.

3 Jun 26, 2018 22:01

Yeap! got the browser backward compatibility issue and thanks for put a check on the infinite list to do, so needless to say I'm making my edits for 6.10.2 :)

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