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1 Jul 18, 2013 03:42    

We have created a manual page about version 5.1 :

It is not completely up to date, but we will update it as the new features pass the internal testing phase.

We're also looking for a few beta testers. If you're interested, let me know :)

2 Jul 18, 2013 21:02

Waiting eagerly especially for the new photo album & photoblog skin. :)

3 Nov 12, 2013 21:50

As a amateur photographer I must say the photoblog enhancements sound good , not entirely sure what the photo dropping directly on the webpage means , dropping it directly where u write? float? as in , you can just place a pic wherever you like within the text? Sorry I'm a noob at php ans such .

Simplifying the file upload sounds great anyhow.

I am currently running the latest stable and ever since the previous release I been having severe trouble with the media folders evocache. The only two I ever used got broken, they can't be removed from the server and they cause thumbnails not to show up so I had to simply create a brand new folder where to upload my pics.

So basically I am hoping someone will code this thing differently somehow in the near future so that those evocache folders won't malfunction as I presume they malfunction simply cause I kept them from one version to the other as I didn't want the hassle to delete and reupload the entire media folder in ftp.

4 Jan 26, 2014 00:07

your problem is only the "file owner"
use chown on your server to give folder ownership to PHP

5 Jan 30, 2014 14:09

This sounds very good:
Simplified upload: files can now be dragged & dropped directly onto the main browser window. Removed some clutter.

The number one feedback we keep getting from users that uploading and inserting images to posts is difficult and hard especially for new users.

6 Mar 10, 2014 15:59

Will it also allow setting which statuses require moderation ('community' content only for registered members does not need moderation on my site, because its the status that I want those posts to have.)

Sure, I can hack the source to fix this....applying 5.0.7-to-5.0.8 reset my hack, so I had to do it again....

The Dreamer.

7 Jul 01, 2014 10:10

I know 5.1 is not supported. But any clues on how to use 'Special front page? And/or 'specific page'?

8 Jul 02, 2014 01:17

@adran_alexander the evocache folders work just fine. I second @thedreamer in thinking your unix file permissions are not set up right (on the whole media folder structure).

@thedreamer hum... I think we have that for comments but I'm not sure for posts...
If not in 5.1 we'll definitely have that in a future version.

@godt09 if the following manual page lacks the info you need, feel free to request clarifications directly on that page:

9 Jul 02, 2014 01:36

Excellent. Thank you.

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