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version 5.1.2 stable: Tag cloud problem

Started by on Oct 09, 2014 – Contents updated: Oct 09, 2014

Oct 09, 2014 03:31    

When I use the Tag cloud I can't get a tag into it if the post is for Community.

If the post is Public or Member than it shows up in the Tag cloud.

While the post is Community I can still search the tag with: and all post with that tag will show up - also the posts with Community status.

And yes - I am logged in and have Member status. Even with admin the same problem

Can this be fixed please?
Is there something that I can do?

Thanks in advance.

Oct 09, 2014 08:33

This post has been moved to the Feature Requests category.

Oct 09, 2014 08:42

Hi @zebulon,

As you described, the Tag cloud widget is meant to display tags only from "Published" posts.

If the post is Public or Member than it shows up in the Tag cloud.

Please double check posts in Member status, I think is not correct that their tags are included in the cloud because the SQL sentence is restricted to grab Published posts only.

However, your suggestion about to make tags be displayed in the cloud according the access level of the current user will be evaluated by the developers.



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