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Disappointed with the image add/attachment still here

Started by on Oct 13, 2014 – Contents updated: Oct 15, 2014

Oct 13, 2014 21:48    

I was hoping that when I upgraded b2evolution I would see a better image/file handling than what is displayed. Instead of getting easier for end users (the users of the site and not the admins/coders of the site) it has not really improved at all. It still the same old clunky thing and now you are saying that one would have [image: 3] or some such thing in their posts. It has been some time since I hacked at b2evolution to get a better user interface for adding posts and now I am having to hunt to try and edit the post editor files; anyone want to remind me which files control the editor? I know there is the views and the model files.

I am thinking the easier thing might be to just add a file manager to the TinyMCE editor; which, by the way, will need to be updated to TinyMCE 4+ in order to get the most HTML 5 support; the TinyMCE editors have been very busy to make sure that TinyMCE codes to HTML5 and that includes the new image containers in HTML5. I see that b2evolution is still using the div tag to handle inline images.

I like that the file manager stores such things as Captions and descriptions with the file, this could be used in the new HTML5 figure element and figcaption element:

<img src="img_pulpit.jpg" alt="The Pulpit Rock" width="304" height="228">
<figcaption>Fig1. - A view of the pulpit rock in Norway.</figcaption>

My discussion with the TinyMCE developers had them including support in TinyMCE to handle the figure element, so that one clicking and changing the alignment of the figure element made sure that figure was treated as a container.:

Oct 15, 2014 07:15

Hi @kim,

As you know, b2evolution is developed by a small team. So, almost all the time their focus is over software architecture, performance and security matters, having GUI and UX one step below in the priority scale. Besides development, new features also requires an important testing period and sometimes it's impossible release them until many man-hours have been invested.

Of course, the debate is always opened and suggestions are highly appreciated. In fact, they usually end being included in a standard release.

Note: this post have been moved to the development category.


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