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1 May 18, 2019 18:42    

Hi. Not an issue for me as it will go away once I leave the page.

I must have had two tabs open showing the same post. On one I changed the item from Post to Standalone Page. All went as expected, no problems.

I went to the other tab to grab a url for an image and noticed it still had this old post, so I refreshed the page expecting a warning that the post didn't exist but I got this. Thought it may be of interest.

Warning when item changed from post to standalone page

2 May 19, 2019 00:37

We'll check, thanks.

3 May 22, 2019 14:24

@amoun Hi, I tested what you wrote, even with same url format with dates in url and &disp=single, but could not reproduce.

I see your url has the param &disp=single, I don't know why you have this in urls but it doesn't matter, so as I understand you try to open permanent url of "Post" when it was already updated to "Standalone Page" and you see an expected message like "nothing to display..." and the warning above.

I checked the code in the _results.class.php on the line 2500 and there is no wrong code.
The warning may appears only if your own skin has a wrong code, I think you should go to your skin files and find function display_if_empty(), this function may has a single param and it must be an array, i.e. your code must be like display_if_empty( array( 'msg_empty' => '...' ) ). Please check especially files _single.disp.php and single.main.php, if you don't have them then check index.main.php for the same function display_if_empty(). It seems your skin uses a not array param there.


5 May 22, 2019 18:36

So far I've found display_if_empty();
in as you suggested, my ancient skin from 2008, an old modified simple-zen

in 6.10.8 as examples
. . . evopress/single.main.php
. . . basic/index.main.php
. . . bootstrap_manual/_single.disp.php
. . . dating_mood/index.main.php

in fact I haven't found an instance where there is any with array content.

I was thinking it was the array issue so I will try and replicate and then change the code by adding a constant and message.

7 Sep 06, 2019 10:21

Sorry no! Busy building a cabin. Will look sometime hopefully so thanks for the reminder

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