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1 Oct 11, 2013 03:10    

List in public blogs, or not, Feature

"Include in public blog list: [ ] Check this if you want this blog to be advertised in the list of all public blogs on this system."

It was there on version 4.1.5 released on 07/24/12 but it's nowhere to be found on version 5.0.6-stable released on 09/25/13

I'd like to have that option because if and when I have a need for more 'subject-specific' blogs, I don't want to have a long list of blogs on the public list.

Can I add a new collection item (Not listed in public blogs) manually? If so, what file do I need to hack? (Those blogs would be listed in the Astonish Me Team's "AM bloglist" Plugin (Yes, it seems to work somewhat on 5.0.6-stable released on 09/25/13 - I'm also running the old "Blog list widget" Plugin, tho IExplore doesn't like it very much, but it works there too, not as well as on a real browser like Firefox, but the list is there.))

I hope you can point me to a direction where I can work on it & hope make it work as I do prefer it on this aspect.

Thank you very much for your attention and consideration to this matter.

3 Oct 22, 2013 20:54

I've been using the widget for several years and I just love it. The issue was (I think I found the answer) That there was an option in the Blog Features page that was not included in 5.0.6, it was moved to 'Other' in this version and,

Just today, I did find that option in [Blog] > Settings > Features > Other - ....

3rd Item in the Features

List of public blogs
Include in public blog list: [ ] Check this if you want this blog to be advertised in the list of all public blogs on this system.

Thank you again for replying and I missed your reply again tho I subscribe to notifications, I found your reply by going to the link to "My B2Evo Forum threads" that I have in my "Favs" Folder. (I'll check why I missed it because I was wondering why nobody was replying. Well, you did, thank you & sorry it took me this long to see it)

Anyway, it works just fine, the blog is not listed in the Public List but it is listed in the "Blog List Widget" That I added to the sidebar and you need to be logged in to see non public blogs in the list; exactly what I wanted. :-)

Have a wonderful day and thank you for the awesome B2evolution engine and the support you provide.

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