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1 Apr 26, 2019 01:20    

I am building a website on Bluehost. They recently upgrade php7.2.17 - I was considering installing B2E, when I noticed that they are supporting B2E 6.7.9 - Others in this forum say that php7.2 is problematic. I wonder now what version of B2E would be best. HELP!

2 Apr 26, 2019 03:27

Well I can share some short experience, I'm taking my first steps with b2evo, very happy until now and not having any issue with php 7.2. My setup is like this:

My b2evo: b2evolution 6.11.1-beta

Web host setup:
PHP Version 7.2.16
MySQL version 5.5.5-10.2.23-MariaDB-cll-lve

4 Apr 26, 2019 11:39

Hi @reid_cornwell

I'm running four versions (6.10.6 | 6.10.7 | 6.10.8 and 7.0.0) on the same setup
PHP 7.2.17


By the way your host say they support B2E 6.7.9 - Can I take the hyphen to mean 6.7.9 and newer. If so install at the lowest 6.10.8 Stable or go higher. See

6 Apr 26, 2019 13:10

@reid_cornwell @fplanque

I have just had a chat with Bluehost and quote

Yes, we support b2evolution 6.7.9 . Right now we do not support versions above 6.7.9

7 Apr 26, 2019 13:31


Regarding the above you are better off uploading your own new version as mentioned in my earlier post and re-iterated by @fplanque

For interest you may like to chat with Bluehost referring to @fplanque saying b2evo 6.7.9 is too old for php7.2 and ask them if they have a demo or know of any other site running 6.7.9 on 7.2 and anyway what is the issue on supporting the latest stable version?

8 Apr 26, 2019 17:52

That answers the Bluehost question - Thanks

Secondly: to match bluehost I installed php72.17 on my development machine wichh is a windows IIS server. I noticed in B2E installation instructions you suggest that it only be installed on Apache servers. What can I expect. What version would you suggest?

9 Apr 26, 2019 18:02

You can start here until someone with real knowledge gets into this, but you should really start a new topic, please! something like ~ Installing b2evolution on Windows IIS

When you mix topics, sometimes it can be a bit messy and also makes it more difficult for others to find similar problems to resolve.

The software will run on IIS using FastCGI,[10] but database servers other than MySQL and MariaDB are not supported.

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