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1 Sep 25, 2013 16:43    

Hi all,

my b2evo Version is 5.0.5.
Website: (in german language)

I have problems with the widget "online users", because it only shows my own presence (as chosen in my profile), but not of guests. I use this widget in my web newspaper (b2evo 3.3.1) also and it works perfectly there.
In the widget itself I find no possibilities to change some preferences which will solve the problem.

Has anyone an idea?

Many thanks!

2 Sep 26, 2013 18:21

Hello @dmuenchnerin,

Have you tried to clear your cache? You will find it at System > Maintenance > Tools > Clear full page caches (/cache/* directories)

3 Sep 27, 2013 22:28

Hi mgsolipa,

to clear the cache has no result. As the starrating plugin is not working, too with the newest b2evo I consider to use version 3.3.1 which works perfectly with my web newspaper.

Thank you very much
Yours, Karin

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