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Wrong link building in post moderation

Started by on Oct 02, 2018 – Contents updated: Oct 15, 2018

Oct 02, 2018 14:58    


when I get a system mail that pushes me to have a look on post moderations, the link building sucks:

This is the set link:

instead of

although the $base_url is set correct $baseurl = 'https://www.***.net/blogs/

Is there a fix? (I can't remember that this link failure has happend before upgrading to 6.10.2)

Regards, Will

Oct 04, 2018 22:51

Is it for all emails or only for a specific email template?

Oct 12, 2018 15:28

Hello @saunders, I have tested version 6.10.2 with $baseurl = 'https://b2evo.local/blogs/ and couldn't reproduce your problem, i.e. in all cases I get a correct url like https://b2evo.local/blogs/htsrv/email_passthrough.php?email_ID=.

It would be good if you show us what settings you have for "Assets URLs / CDN support" -
Also if you changed the default values of the vars $htsrv_url and $htsrv_url_sensitive in /conf/_advanced.php then please show what you have there.

I would like to advice you to update to 6.10.3 version because there we did modifications especially in functions which work with htsrv urls with https protocol.

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