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1 Oct 20, 2019 21:09    

Adding new user (first one, me) as administrator. Hit "Create User!" button and the error in the title came up, no new user created.

I used a 20 character secure password on the site I installed yesterday without any problems. What is going on?

This one was installed without the demo data because it is such a pain to get rid of. I'm still digging out odd bits from the site I began yesterday. But saying no to demo defaults to no choices of what to install. So I've got the full load, no difference from what I set up yesterday unless everything breaks unless all the demo kiddies are in there.

The error is self-explanatory. I assume no screenshot required.

I guessed wrong on a couple of counts here. Somebody's name on the admin account led me to treat it as a sort of demo account to be deleted during the new owner's set up process. The idea, not mentioned in the documentation so far as I can see, is to change that user's details, not to add a new administrator account to start with. Once done, new users can be added without constraint to password length and in true *Nix style can use all characters.

Whether to set the site up with all of the various features, such a forum, documentation, etc etc or just as a blog comes later in the setting up process. Again, not seen documented and misled by the fact that the option appears in the install menu at a much earlier stage but dropped if the "wrong" option is selected.

Still no sign anywhere of how to actually import a blog from WP though. I have the export from WP and a tarball of the files with a dump of the DB, so belt and braces but an awful lot of work for a volunteer (me) to do, given the clear statement on the b2evo site that switching to it from WP is easy..

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