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1 Oct 21, 2019 17:01    

Hi Folks,

Would somebody please tell me what hash is used to hash passwords in the DB? I need to see if I can replicate it directly in the DB as the site I installed yesterday is now refusing to recognise my login either as the new admin name or the password or both. Of course, having changed them I deleted the temporary ones given by the system at the end of installation. The script in the FAQs for v6.* doesn't work. I can see no other option beyond this than to reinstall.

Apache2 tells me there is not such URL as or /login.php

OK. I'm in. Had to hack a password reset email from within the system to do it, as no email config set up yet for b2evo to get one out just yet. Only one pair of hands and much config to do. So it would be very useful for other users to actually state what the password hashing system is. I got SHA1_MD5, the default, from the page code but I saw binary mentioned in a post, a FAQ IIRC. Are you really playing with binary passwords? SHA_RSA should be the default by now. No need for binary at all.

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