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1 Mar 13, 2015 23:38    

if I'm using the short code for linking an image into a post, it will sometimes work and other times it didn't work. I can not say, why it is so - I cannot reproduce it exactly. Most of times it will not work, if I upload the image after writing the post or if I edit a post to link an image. If I push the green "+" nothing happens.

In the german language pack I have 4 options to place the image:

s, there is one "After more" obsolet. Or there is a wrong translation for a 4th option.

2 13 Mar 2015 23:40

The last sentence is cropped: "I guess, ...." I don't know, why it will be cropped after a list.

Here you will see an image of the options.

3 14 Mar 2015 14:49

Hi @ednong,

Thanks for sharing, actually there is an extra option in that menu.

if I upload the image after writing the post or if I edit a post to link an image. If I push the green "+" nothing happens.

Please, tell us what browser are you using. Do you know how to open the debug console (F12 key in several cases) ? Can you tell us if is there a JavaScript error in those moments when you click on the green sign and nothing happens ?

Also, check this page out to make sure that you are using the syntax correctly:

Finally, here is the translation done for the word "Inline", maybe you would like to suggest something different. All you need to know to contribute with the translation is explained here:

Regards !

4 14 Mar 2015 15:03

Hi mgsolipa,
thanks for your reply.

My browser is the newest Firefox under Linux (Kubuntu 14.04).
The external CDNs are disabled, only the local scripts are available in b2evo.
I use NoScript, but there is nothing blocked.

This error is new with the 5.2.2 after the update from 5.2.1 of b2evo.

"Texteingebunden" seems the translation for "Inline" - but the second "Nach 'mehr'" is the irritating thing for me. Nach "mehr" means "After 'more'".

The short tag of the image will not be visible. If I click the plus, nothing happens. This means: there will nothing be visible in the post. No tag, nothing. I set the short tag manually then.

5 17 Mar 2015 08:12

The extra "After 'more'" issue present in version 5.2.2 is solved and the fix will be included in the next release of this branch (if any).

@ednong the not working online button sounds weird, as I said before, have you checked for some javascript error when click on the green button ? How is the common scenario ? Does it work in some cases or it doesn't work at all since you updated to 5.2.2 ?

6 17 Mar 2015 20:03

Hi mgsolipa,

I have not tested for JS-errors. It is weird and I can't reproduce it in a safe way. I only use the NoScript addon in Firefox - but my domain (and subdomains) are allowed and the CDNs are disabled. So all JS should be local and allowed.

7 18 Mar 2015 01:13

Now I can reproduce it:

  1. I create a new post (Dashboard > Write) in extended mode/expert mode.
  2. I click "Save & Edit" (Speichern und Bearbeiten).
  3. I upload a new image with the link "Add/link files" under the creation area.
  4. I change the description of the image in the new window.
  5. I link the image - it is visible under the post creation area.
  6. In the image area I click onto the green plus.

Nothing happens. No Image-tag in the post. Independant of the choose of the menu (after more, inline, what ever).
NoScript says: no blocked script.
F12 (Firebug) means: no blocked script.
I have disabled the CDNs in the config file. Only local scripts are possible.
Tested under firefox on linux and windows. (on windows w/o NoScript).

8 18 Mar 2015 07:33

@ednong is the description of the image a single line of text or it's written in several lines? The latter option will break javascript and the tag won't be inserted. That's a pending bug caused by the automatic inclusion of the caption in the shortcode, the correct behavior is not to do that and control the caption as documented here:


9 18 Mar 2015 11:56

That's it!
All the descriptions are several lines, where the green plus does not work.

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