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1 Jan 11, 2020 03:13    

i have a situation that i wonder if groups can be part/member of another group, which might be called 'umbrella' group ... want say that all users asigned to relevant groups would be asigned to this umbrella group? in the specific case none of the users is asigned to more than one group.
would that make sense logicwise with database or handling rules? i have not seen an option to make a group part of another group ... and wondered why, as it would be handy to have.

2 Jan 11, 2020 10:34

Hi @ramadama

Re the last part : It is not a problem for the database as it only stores the info.

Re multiple groups : Any user can be a member of any group. You will have to make them a member of each group via Group Permissions. Go to group permissions for each collection you want the member to be a part of and give them permissions.

What you may want is under Site >Users is to have boxes for each collection in the row for each user so than you can just check a box rather than go to each collection manually. It does make sense in that it would be easier, but you can do it as mentioned, if you didn't already know :)

3 Jan 11, 2020 11:03

thanks for your response, amoun!
let me try to explain from a different angle: to make it simpler, we talk one collection. there is one group with 100 users and second one with 50 users and all users so far belong to one group only. From now on all 150 users should be also member of a new, third group.
as i see it so far, i would have to explicitly asign each user to that new group. Because so far i don't see the option to asign a group as member to the new group, by which i would asign the two earlier groups and then have added all 150 users to the new one.
would that be possible somehow?

4 Jan 11, 2020 12:46

Hi So it's not having users belonging to multiple groups, but a whole group being a sub-group, as you clearly explained first. Appologies for my quick and off-point reply.

It is a reasonable idea. I wondef if version 7 has it ?? :)

7 Jan 14, 2020 17:08

Now i am confused and wondering if what I'm doing in 6.11.4 version has to wait for v7.1 ... once i try to Filter with one of the Primary Groups there is a error message
' Requested Organization from T_users__organization without ID! '

9 Jan 30, 2020 03:31

@ramadama Are you still encountering this bug? If so, can you please list down the steps to reproduce the error.

10 Feb 06, 2020 16:52

@ramadama can you reproduce this on a fresh install / demo server ?

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