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1 Apr 21, 2017 06:07    

I went to make a fresh install of b2 for a new domain, but when I tried to install I got an error that said:

Your PHP configuration only allows us to use 32M of RAM. The absolute minimum we need to install b2evolution is 48M.

Okay, so I went to check my php.ini and it says:

memory_limit = 64M

Clearly that's more than 48M. Netfirms is my host, and has successfully hosted other b2 installs for several years. It is using PHP 5.5.

Any thoughts anyone?


2 Apr 21, 2017 06:36

@baileyjs can you double check that 64M is actually the active limit on your site?

To do this, just add the following instruction at the top of file install/index.php (line 2):

echo ini_get('memory_limit');

Then go to The value should appear at the top-left corner of the page.

3 Apr 21, 2017 06:43

After posting my question I got in touch with Netfirms support. They got the install to work. I asked why it didn't work for me. Their reply:

"I'm not sure about it. I updated the memory limit to 256MB and it worked"

So, there you go. Thanks for the suggestion, @mgsolipa

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