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1 Jan 12, 2020 11:58    

As far as i understand, all Forum skins so far are rather message board than forum: each additional comment is lined up in cronological order. One can not comment explicitly to an older comment - or better: a reply to an older comment (older than the last) is not lined directly related to this older comment as for example shown here:

My first question would be: is it very complicated to integrate such a feature in the new version of forum skins? Have a 'post reply'-link in the footer of each comment and then document/list such replys directly under the relevant comment?

The second related request might be more complicated: would it be possible to add as feature a threaded show content .. similar to what mylittleforum provides?

Such a 'real forum' with both features, i mention, helps a lot in discussing things as refering to arguments directly often is important and more helpful than droping statements not related visibly ... to my experience an important point of discussion culture.

3 Jan 13, 2020 11:37

Thanks a lot amoun!
This looks much better than in the version, we have ( still on 6.11.2 ) and with this we're much closer to heaven. Will have to upgrade NOW.

4 Jan 13, 2020 15:51

back again. After install 6.11.4 and running the forum with Skin version: 6.11.4, my system does not show as yours.
In post and comments footers i get 'no user votes yet' or 'no votes on spaminess yet', but NO 'Reply to this comment'.
Would you know what would do the trick?
The same about hierarchy .. not showing in my case.

5 Jan 13, 2020 17:58

The hierachy thing may not exist, will look at the other problem. I did wonder as I thought it was working a long time ago, well before 6.11.2 ??

6 Jan 13, 2020 18:08


Check Features > Comments and ensure you have Threaded Comments cheched

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